All 3 websites targeted similar range of audience from young adults onwards. They use appealing visuals than words to entice readers; although ‘Hungrygowhere’ uses scroll/collapse visuals than columns.

Additionally, they provide further input through other social media which is the only way to contact them from. ‘Danielfooddiary’ and ‘Ladyironchef’ provides not only local Singapore food, but also cuisine and restaurants found in neighbouring countries.

Nonetheless, ‘Hungrygowhere’ focuses strictly only Singapore found stores with reservation services. It is also the easiest to read about specific restaurants as it lays out all the information with estimated costs in a single post neatly than widely spaced like the other 2 sites.

Overall, they could each improve on their font size in contrast with their visuals as well as being consistent in revealing the price range and contacts of the advertised stores.